Monday, December 14, 2009

My apologies to all...i took a few days off. I was working on what appears to be some high level support for our cause. Needed business plans, memos, backup and so forth.

Sorry about that. Our petition continues to grow, our twitter followers are very significant and the site hits continued to be active in my absence. That all is great!!

We continue to believe that we are positioned to be successful. Our President needs jobs, the dealers are descending on Washington, and the approval ratings continue in a downward spiral. All we need is Pontiac. Keep strong behind our cause; we are making progress! Thanks for all the support; happy Monday!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Where We Started

Good Sunday Morning to All! Very cold here, hope you are warm.

I was thinking about the heritage of Pontiac and for those that are unfamiliar visit Wikipedia ( Oakland was the predecessor to Pontiac, started by Edward Murphy and purchased by GM in 1909.
It is good to look back and remember our roots. continues to remember that our purpose is to Save jobs for Americans and re-invent the great American Icon; Pontiac.

Out thanks go out to all our supporters and with our hopes that you have a blessed Sunday!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

GM Growing Up

Good Thursday Morning!

The Fritz Henderson episode is really quite interesting. GM for the first time in a very long time appears to have some adult supervision. Ed Whitacre will change at least the Senior management view of the world at GM. Can he cause the focused and profit motivated message to waft through the halls of middle management and on the shop floor to occur in time will be the test.

This is a true test of how to change a culture with a culture that does not want to change. It is a project of monumental proportions and truly the only chance for the Detroit icon to continue to exist. Can Whitacre do it? We will see. is rooting for him because with logical thinking (as opposed to GM thinking) it is likely that Pontiac can be broken free and reintroduced to the public as a vehicle for creating jobs and helping the economy recover (which also helps GM) rather than being buried 6 feet under with all the productive assets. Let's watch this unfold!!

Thanks, as always to all our followers!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Good Morning to everyone ...Happy Wednesday!

I will start by admitting that I am unfamiliar with anyone that had an affair with Tiger Woods. Isn't that news on every blog on the internet?

The dispatch of Fritz Henderson is an interesting headline. I am sure that Fritz is a smart man and one who really wanted to change GM. Unfortunately, as we know, a tiger cannot change his stripes. Fritz was a product of learning everything he knew about business and management from the guys that were driving GM into the ground. We all reach into our bag of experience to manage in unstable environments. The result for Fritz was when reaching he got a handful of nothing. He had no experience to draw from and his employee loyalties precluded making ocean boiling changes.

Truly this occurrence spotlights the beauty of recreating Pontiac. We can start over with no lingering loyalties and preconceived notions. There is no "Pontiac way". We continue to be excited about our likely success and as we make progress are excited about all the possibilities!

Have a wonderful Wednesday.